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the energy and tear the place down. >> i've heard a lot about a.m.a. and it's the 40th, right? and i'm performing tonight. not only performing, but i'm going to perform with someone very special. >> from country princess taylor swift to pit bull, paula abdul, to lincoln park. we will see the best of 2012 on sunday night's three-hour music-filled show. two top stars could walk away with an arm full of trophies. tied for the most a.m.a. nominations this year with four a piece, rihanna and nicki minaj. i hope nicki stops again for me on the carpet. i think we had a special bond in 2010. >> you could come on the road with us. you could like interview the fans. >> i could become a big music reporter. >> that would be so cute. like, i mean, i'm on to something. >> very good. nicki, bye-bye. >> thank you, darling. >> i feel like i have a new best friend. >> yeah. >> this george reporting for abc news. >>> the american music awards airs tonight at 8:00 here on abc7. lisa already said she's watching and perhaps dressing up by nicki min a.j.. >> i don't know about that. she has it all going on
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1